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The Amber underfloor heating mats offer the perfect solution to a warmer home. Simple to use and quick to install, the AmberMat can rolled out and is designed to fit under a range of floor coverings. Perfect for concrete floor constructions, the 150W/m² AmberMat is ideal for laying directly onto existing tiles or thermal tile backer board. Can be used as either a primary or secondary heat source, dependent on your room heat loss. Hidden under the floor, AmberMat removes the problem of space consuming and unsightly radiators in your home.

The AmberMat heating mat is a strong self-adhesive mat, with 360° fully screened twin conductor encompassed within a tough yellow PVC outer sheath (non UV stable). With just a 4mm thickness it can be easily and quickly fitted directly onto the existing floor, making it perfect for renovations.

Our high quality underfloor heating mats are minutely inspected and manufactured to confirm to all EU standards, enabling trouble free warm floors and providing complete peace of mind with their 12 year warranty.

Suitable Floor Finishes

laminate, flooring

carpet, flooring
Carpet / Vinyl

timber, wooden, engineered wood, flooring
Solid / Engineered Wood

tiles, stone, flooring

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